Blogging as an Open Source Project

Blogging as an Open Source Project

Sometimes you have to go with what you know. For the past few years, I’ve been working on establishing a daily writing habit. Many thanks to 750words, I’ve had some success, but that hasn’t always translated to blog posts or any public writing.

However, I got a tweet reply from Boris that triggered an idea. While his suggestion was to write a post with the titles of my “Unpublished Drafts”, I’m going to take it one step further:

I’m going to run this blog like an open source project.

Now, since the switch to jekyll over 3 years ago, the source code for my blog has been open source on github. However, I’m going to open up things a bit further:

  • Instead of a post with untitled drafts, I have started to create issues with an “idea label” for blog post ideas.
  • Beginning with this post, I’m trying github flow for all new posts. This will result in a new PR.
  • And, of course, all posts will be tested on travis-ci.

This might be overkill. It’s an experiment. But, this is (more or less), the way I build software. That’s something I do every day, so maybe it will better integrate blogging with the rest of my flow.

Of course, it also encourages collaboration. I am not expecting a lot of participation on my blog, but I anticipate that giddy feeling the first time someone does! See you on github.