On losing my voice

I’ve never considered myself a blogger, but (as my archive pretty clearly shows) there was a time that I wrote more here than I do now. Somewhere along the line, I lost my voice.

I don’t know that I fully understand why. I have made some observations and had some insights (such as my being an introvert). I think part of the story is that I became an “expert” and then I decided to change my focus away from my expertise. Lots of what I do these days involves learning new things. I’m often working on things where I am not the “expert”. That was intentional and I love it. One unintentional consequence, however, was that I stopped talking about what I am doing.

Ironically, as an “expert” I have often told people to write and share their experiences. I’ve said things like, “Anytime you figure something out, that puts you one step ahead of a ton of people that can learn from your experience.” I’ve explained how valuable a “fresh perspective” can be, and how documenting things has all kinds of positive consequences (both personally and professionally). Do as I say…

I don’t remember how it came across my radar, but this article was in my “to read” pile over the weekend:

“Do things, write about it”.

It’s good advice. I think I’ll take it.