Reflecting on Expecting

I don’t really understand why so many of us spend so much time reflecting and predicting as the calendar year rolls over. I also can’t help but do it too. While I don’t publish here very often anymore, I do usually post something this time of year. However, this year I don’t have any resolutions, certainly no predictions and, frankly, I’m not even sure what 2013 may bring.

What I have been doing over the past week or two (aside from overeating) is thinking about 2012. The world didn’t end (which I’m okay with - I’m not done here yet), but that wasn’t the only thing that didn’t happen last year. I found myself often frustrated and unsettled. Truth is, I had a good year - my kids are happy and healthy, work is going well, etc. But, I had big expectations for 2012. It was going to be a year when I was going to make big life changes: buy a house, make some significant career moves, etc. None of those things on my list of “big things for 2012” happened. Not one.

It’s an interesting experience: nothing I expected to happen did and life is good.

In fact, sitting here post-2012, I am not even sure if I even want many of the things I was so attached to expecting. Or worse (better?): they may even still happen, but not in 2012 and not the way I had envisioned.

Life goals and aspirations and working hard towards them are all great things. Getting emotionally attached to the desired outcome on a set timeline (particularly one you don’t fully control) is hardly a recipe for guaranteed happiness. I suppose I knew that intellectually, but 2012 gave me the experience to help it hit home.

Starting 2013 without any of that feels good. Time to enjoy the good year as it happens!