terminus1525 v3 - 10,000 and growing

everybody’s favorite “I can’t believe that’s Drupal” site re-launched a couple weeks ago, and it looks like the subtle, yet majorly helpful updates are really going over well.

what’s new? well, the biggest (and I think coolest) thing is the new explore tool. one of the biggest problems with the site has always been adequately drawing attention to all the art hosted there. along with this new movie, is a top secret algorithm to quantify “terminosity” of art (i.e. what’s most interesting).

the homepage was also tweaked to give a bit more prominence to what’s actually going on (blogs and comments), as well as some theme updates. oh… and terminus now supports tags.

all in, it seems to be working… the site has a renewed energy, and sometime in the past 24 hours, cracked 10,000 original artworks. not too shabby. so if you, or anyone you know, has some fine art to share, send ‘em on over!

(oh, and did i mention, they’re giving away free ipods too?)