5 things about me

Yay! I got tagged for what I believe is the first time in a real live official cool kid blogging meme! So, Sarah wants the world to know 5 new things about me. Let's see if I can come up with something nobody knows...

  1. My last name is "Walker" not "walkah". I know. But, people get it wrong a lot.
  2. I am not Canadian. Sure, lots of people know that one. My family mostly has it figured out, and of course there's everyone who's seen my passport on flickr. But I do live in Canada (have for 12 years now) and I say "eh" a lot, so people get confused.
  3. I play hockey. OK, lots of people knew that, but at one point I was quite serious about my hockey career. Lesser known fact here is that I played for a semester at Union College (NCAA Division I). Oh, and I'm a goalie.
  4. I want to quit the internet and be a rockstar. Heard that one before? Well, despite what the pictures on flickr suggest, I don't consider myself a guitar player (or much of a singer) - although I love it. Truth is, my real passion is my drums.
  5. I still have my teddy bear from when I was a baby. He's small and worn and his name is "bear". *Very* few of you probably knew that one. ;)

There you have it. Now I'm supposed to tag a new group.... hmmm. Well, I think Chad could probably come up with some interesting stuff. I'm sure the internet would love to read more about Dries and the enigma that is termie. Not sure I have enough real "blogger" friends to really keep the chain going strong. Perhaps that's a good thing...