Ajax-based IM: meebo

just picked this up via Om:

Through Ajax, the folks at meebo were able to create a virtual application-like experience within a single web browsing window. meebo integrates a user’s accounts from AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, and ICQ into a single buddy list that is automatically populated upon signing into the meebo web site. Sort of like Trillian/Adium, but in a browser window.

meebo, eh? well, hey guys... how about some jabber support? i'd love to see an elegant, in-browser jabber client right about... now. so, folks - how about it?

UPDATE: I just noticed over on the meebo blog that they're using GAIM (libgaim, I presume) to connect to the IM networks:

We use Apache and Linux (CentOS) on the servers, and connect to the networks through Gaim

not only is my request possible, sounds like it's in the works :)