andrew's noggin

so, if you pay attention here, you know what fun andrew's been having playing hockey this year (and how much fun i've had watching him). what you don't know, is that this past sunday, andrew went head first into the boards during his game.... hard.

he wasn't actually unconscious as far as we can tell and he remembers everything. we did the usual check his memory, check his pupils, etc. and he seemed to be fine. by later that afternoon, he seemed to be fully recovered (was playing and normally active and had no complaints of headaches).

yesterday, however, at school, he was complaining of headaches and his teacher sent him to the office to have his temperature taken. when we heard this, we decided perhaps we should get him to his doctor just to double check.

so this morning sandi took him - just to be careful, but assuming that he'd be given a clean bill of health and be on his way. well, apparently the doctor is pretty convinced that he indeed did sustain a "head injury" though she wouldn't commit to a concussion specifically (based on his answers to her questions) and has recommended that he not play hockey at least this weekend and that he stay home from school and avoid excess 'visual stimulation'.

needless to say, sandi and i are a bit more freaked out now. any pediatric head doctors out there? anything we should be particularly worried about long term?

sheesh :(