apple store yorkdale - first in canada

apple store yorkdale opening day i don't know how he did it, but boris managed to sneak away and blog this already... but it's true. canada now has an apple store, and Boris and I made it to the grand opening (see my pictures).

we didn't line up at 3am, nor were we amongst the lucky first 1500 customers (who each received a free t-shirt). in fact, we weren't even there until after lunch - and still we had to wait in line. once inside - the hot, sweaty, *very* crowded inside - we were indeed overwhelmed by the need to buy something! problem is... my apple toy collection is rather complete (EXCEPT FOR A G5). so, i grabbed a car-charger for my iPod (which I've "needed" for a while) and decided to work on pulling Sandi deeper into the ghetto (or gated community ).

watching sandi with her new iPod was neat : these apple guys really are marketing geniuses. she has yet to plug it in, hasn't even fully taken the plastic off and she loves it. the box is just so damned cool. the whole event was pretty spectacular - i saw very few people walk out empty handed (as I had originally intended to). let's face it : apple is cool. even the *bags* were cool.

here's one thing though... the flyer mentions that you can subscribe to an iCal feed for in store events from the yorkdale page on I sure don't see a link... anyone else?

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