around the house

so, been a while, but here’s a rough update of what’s been going on around the house:

i should start, i guess, by mentioning here (since i haven’t yet) that we semi-recently finished our basement - giving us lots of extra space. i’m really happy with how it turned out and have to give serious praise to our friend Dan that did most of the construction. amongst other things, it means i now have a really nice space down there for my office. i can officially geek out without offending too many visitors. i’m also in the midst of creating a ‘server room’ in the storage space by the furnace… that should provide some bloggable experiences, so stay tuned. at the very least, i should be able to put up some pretty geeky pics of it all ;)

so, with the basement project out of the way, we’ve gotten the itch to tackle some other things around the house. as i speak, our first floor is being painted. next .. we may even buy furniture! who knows.

as for the kids - andrew’s hockey season is done, and he’s all signed up for soccer. since i haven’t in a while, i should publicly proclaim just how proud i was of andrew in his first year of hockey - even his coaches agreed he was likely most improved on his team. watching him really love something and work so hard at it and have so much fun was really awesome. i finally got him signed up for soccer for the summer, so that’s next.

one other andrew note, earlier this week he lost 2 teeth in one day… just when the gaps from his previous tooth loss were nearly filled! for those of you playing along at home - that’s 6 baby teeth gone.

as for camryn, she continues to grow and grow. and, finally, she’s starting to get teeth almost as fast as andrew is losing them. her 4 canine teeth have been taking their sweet time to come down, but one has officially broken and the other three are well on their way. otherwise, she’s doing her best to get into as much trouble as possible - we’ve had to put away the ladder for andrew’s bunk bed since she decided she likes playing on the top bunk too!