big mac day

so yesterday was apple's big macworld keynote by steve jobs... and for the first year, i actually watched it. i haven't sat through too many keynote-type industry things.. though i did see linus torvalds give one in person (which was cool), but i have to say... apple knows how to put on a show.

anyway, it's inspired me to add a quick little note to my apple category.

i finally broke down and ordered more ram from crucial a week ago or so. It arrived monday... and my powerbook is *much* happier.

i also want to post some thoughts on my iPod here, but overall i really love it. Too bad the new iPod mini isn't that impressive (or at least a bit cheaper).

what was cool about yesterday's keynote was the look at vatech's cluster.

i also thought the iLife updates looked promising.. but no more free iPhoto downloads sucks, though Garageband might actually make me fork over the $49usd anyway. :P