bryght guys, bryght future

man, it seems like it’s been a long time coming, but the wraps are finally off my newest venture: Bryght. as i am sure most of you already know, i am a rockstar drupal developer. well, a couple months ago, that status translated into my hooking up with boris and discussing the plans of a drupal mass-hosting service that adrian and i had been concocting. while we are still very much in “start up” mode, things are progressing quickly, and i am having a whole lot of fun working with the new gang. since all of our work is based on drupal, i’ve been able to work (nearly) full-time on everybody’s favourite CMS (or is it CMF?) - and i’m looking forward to doing even more of that in the future.

i now officially have a work blog as well, so i’ll keep my bryght-specific postings over there, but there will of course still be drupal-related posts here as well.

anyway, i encourage you all to head on over and check it out. we’d love feedback (and customers, of course!) … and if you’re a designer, do let us know ;)