buh bye 'burbs

window at the new place

For those of you who hadn't heard: two weeks ago (on November 1st), I moved. I have finally said "so long" to the suburbs. If you're familiar with Toronto, I'm now living on Gladstone Ave, just north of Bloor (near Dovercourt Park). I have to admit, I'm pretty darn happy about it.

Despite having been on the road for 11 of my first 15 days in my new place, I feel like I'm already starting to settle in a bit. I've already met 4 neighbors, am walking distance from pretty much everything I need (including Rosie's convenience on the corner which just so happens to stock organic dairy and organic coffee!) and it turns out a handful of friends already live in the 'hood.

More soon I'm sure, but expect to see me around the city (and at the office) a whole lot more now!