This year promises to be an exciting one - and one that proves to be full of changes galore. As I mentioned in my last post, much of my 2010 change began late in 2009.

Cue the Bowie…

Leaving Lullabot

Although it’s been largely quiet (and really not a huge deal), before the rumours spread too far: I’ve left my position as the Director of Education for Lullabot. I’m leaving behind a totally awesome team and a wonderful job (in the midst of a recession). Why on earth?!

Let me be very clear: Lullabot isn’t in danger, stopping Drupal training, nor is there any backroom drama. The ‘bots are wonderful people and chances are very good that we’ll continue to collaborate in the future (at the very least, there’s still hugs).

This was a very personal decision - and one that was a long time coming. For the morbidly curious, it boils down to three things (and those of you who know me well, know it always comes down to three things):

Travel: Anyone who is friends with a ‘bot on Dopplr or Tripit knows that the job entails a lot of time on the road. With over 230 days on the road in the past 2 years, I needed and my kids deserved a break. While we (Lullabot and I) largely worked around this - it’s still just part of the gig.

Drupal: I stood up in front of a rather large group of Drupal folks almost a year ago and explained why I hate Drupal - so it’s obvious, right? While I feel the points I tried to make still face the community at large (such as smallcore/drupal is not a product, or even rethinking the maintainer structure), I don’t actually hate Drupal (as those of you who grok sarcasm might have noted).

However, Drupal has been my full-time job for 6 years. In that time, the community (and the software) has grown and changed considerably. It has been an amazing ride. As Dries mentioned to me on the phone a few weeks ago, “once a Drupal guy, always a Drupal guy”. This is probably true - I have no intention of leaving the community, but I am ready for some new challenges.

Open Web: One thing people may have noticed is that when I have had the chance to hack on Drupal lately - it tends to involve “open web” or “open standards” implementations (notably, OpenID etc). Many folks have also noticed that my contributions have trailed off lately. When your “after hours” time starts including more things like “sleep” - your after hours projects take a hit.

I’d like to get back to building cool, new stuff. While I certainly get a lot out of teaching people how to make the most of the tools available, I’m passionate about building the next tools (which doesn’t exclude Drupal). These are interesting times on the internets, I wanna have my nose in the middle of it.

Now what?

Officially, I will be freelancing (technically have been for a few weeks). I’ve already got some interesting things lined up that I’m excited to start talking about soon.