Dear Drupal 6, Be My Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I case you hadn’t heard, Drupal 6.0 has finally been released! It’s been just over a year since our last major release and, while it feels sort of like an eternity, there is a ton of great stuff in this new release.

I’m really proud to have helped contribute OpenID support (relying party) to this release - the first step in a larger plan to put (keep?) Drupal at the front of the digital identity curve. Those interested in hearing more, check out my OpenID session at DrupalCon.

There’s a ton of other great new stuff in 6: Update module (if you haven’t used update status in Drupal 5 - you should), revamped i18n support, and Drag ‘n’ Drop everywhere (Nate, you’re a rockstar)!

Drupal, be mine. :-*