Despite some rather nasty weather, I managed to make it out (along with over 100 of my good friends) to last night's DemoCampToronto12. Personally, I thought this was one of the better events. It helps to start off with some quality demos. I really enjoyed David Humphrey's overview the work his students have been doing with the Mozilla project. I had the privilege of meeting David at FSOSS, and love the exposure to free software development and community he's providing for his CS students - take note, UofT. It was also great to have Will Pate's overview of Flock, not 'cause I learned anything new about flock, but because it means Will's here (and thanks for dinner Will, it's on me next time!). Kudos also for a good demo from Alec Saunders of Iotum for their presence app for blackberries - I'd love to give it a shot when you've got series60 suppoort! Oh, and they said the magic word of upcoming XMPP integration :)

To me, however, the best part of last night's event was the general feeling or realization that there is actually a strong community here. Personally, as someone who can't make it out to all the events, I have found the "Always on Unconference" that we've started lately in the torcamp skype room as a great way to keep in touch, follow up, etc. However, as a relentless advocate for free software and open protocols and standards, I urge the community go pop in to either the #torcamp irc channel or the xmpp group chat - you can find me in both :) Looking forward to the next event!