doughty at the rivoli

walkah and doughty

i finally got to satiate the obsession for an evening. that's right, mike doughty was in town last night. i was there, i got the t-shirt - it's a nice t-shirt too.

i must say, the concert rocked. i really like his solo guitar sound - and the stage banter. it's *all* about the stage banter. the rivoli turned out to be a great venue too - very cozy - and i was right in the front row (like a good fan boy should be).

the show was quite a bit different from when he was here last year (at lee's palace), most notably with the addition of "handsome dan chen" (his toronto-native keyboard player). but he also didn't do a lot of the "usual" stuff - no firetruck, no janine, no loud and obnoxious sing-along. that said, there were plenty of highlights - from opening with "bustin' up a starbux" to "st. louise is listening" in the encore - and all the "victory" in between.

i had a blast. check the pics on flickr ... i also have almost 30 seconds of video (just shot with my canon sd200) of the pre-chorus from bustin' up a starbux that i'll try and get online at somepoint. (perhaps on ourmedia?).

to sum it up: small rock (or medium rock) ... well.... rocks :)

UPDATE: mike just posted his recap of the toronto show on his blog ... anyone recognize the guy in the front left corner of the 2nd picture? ;)

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