down under and back

Lullabots in MelbourneLast week I added a new continent under my travel belt when a bunch of us Lullabots headed to Australia to run some Drupal Workshops. I will say, the trip across the Pacific is a much longer journey than the relative short hop across the Atlantic. My body still isn't quite sure what time it is. Jet-lag aside, I had an absolutely wonderful time. The people of Melbourne were wonderfully kind and helpful. On our one non-work day, we had a fantastic brunch (on a recommendation) where the locals at the table next to us kindly recommended activities for the afternoon and even took our picture.

Since it was a work trip, I didn't get to see nearly as much of Australia as I would have liked. No kangaroos. No dingos. No koala bears. But the people of Australia were awesome enough that I am just going to have to go back someday. Thank you all!

James Walker

James Walker (a.k.a. walkah) is an independent developer and hacker. He is a long time Drupal developer, but these days spends more time in Python, Ruby and Javascript.

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