drupal 4.7 is out

well, after what felt like an eternity the much anticipated drupal 4.7 release is officially out. so, to all of you who keep asking ... the answer to "when will 4.7 be out?" is *today*.

this is certainly the biggest release for drupal during my time in the community. there are certainly too many people who have put in too much great work to try and single them out here. But certainly Dries and Gerhard deserve mention. you guys rock socks.

sadly, rather than having a big celebration party... i know have a mad rush of things to do to get my contrib modules cleaned up and officially released, as well as working on or 4.7 offering from bryght offering. feel free to fire the hate mail away, but the answer is "yes, it's coming". :)

oh, and I know "we" don't do release names, but my vote is : Drupal 4.7 "Mayday! Mayday!".