Drupal is 5 ... no 6

Chances are you didn't hear it here first, but today on Drupal's 6th birthday Dries released Drupal 5.0! I have to say this is far and away the highest quality release in my time with the Drupal project. The new default theme (that I'm using here) is lovely, the admin interface has been revamped.. things in general are moving towards a much more polished product. Personally, I think the module dependency, installation, uninstall situation is my favourite new feature... but that's just me. Also exciting is this is the first time during my involvement that we've gone up a major version number. So long Drupal 4, long live Drupal 5.

If you haven't yet, download this release. It's a good one.

Happy Birthday, Drupal. Rock on, Drupal community indeed.