drupal + gallery 2

so, here's a public announcement to all those of you who have been emailing me and waiting patiently: the drupal module for integrating gallery2 is out in the wild. you can get it from either the drupal cvs repository or the gallery cvs repository. one thing to note:

this is beta software

:) it may or may not work in your setup or environment. however, those of you that pay close enough attention will have noticed that i've been using the module for a while to run my gallery here. i must say, i like it.

there are some cool features that you just don't get other places. for example check out my webcam , or check out a video - yep auto generated thumbnails!

so, those of you that are interested, grab the code, give it a whirl. please, direct any bugs, features, etc to the drupal project page.