drupal made pretty : terminus1525.ca

i was digging through some old unread feeds when i came across this post over at urlgreyhot.com. it's rather flattering:


"terminus1525 is a Canadian collaborative work space for young emerging artists. It is perhaps the most visually stunning Drupal design I've seen so far."

besides making me blush, michael's post made me realize a couple things:

first, i've never actually said anything here about my involvement with terminus. i'm the one that hacked and slashed drupal to pieces to make it look like that (i'm even uid #1 ;) ). it is one of the more fun and challenging projects i've worked on, and i'm proud to say that i'm involved.

the other thing, though, is i must admit that i didn't actually have anything to do with the actual design of terminus. the real credit goes to the fine folks at zincroe (specifically jason and luke). they're pretty darned creative guys and fun to work with too :)

so, what are you waiting for? head over to terminus, sign up and post your art!