drupal plus gallery2-world-domination.com

so, finally, after months and months - the gallery project has completed their site migration from it's former mish-mash of phpBB and postnuke to a much sleeker drupal site (see the full announcement for details).

the other very good news - that visitors of this site might appreciate - is that the new gallery2 drupal site uses the integration code that I wrote originally. This means that, yes, the code has actually been updated to work with the latest version of Gallery2 (RC2).

I also spent some time to fix up my gallery using this latest code. As you can see, "clean urls" are working again, and the default "matrix" theme for gallery blends in fairly well (with some minor modifications).

Big thanks to bharat (gallery's mastermind) for cleaning up some of my code to work with the latest G2! And a big congrats to both projects for continuing to produce quality code in spite of my involvement :)