man, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. there are some really interesting projects (and a couple others that i can’t yet link to) out there that are committing to drupal . the really exciting part is that, for whatever reason, some people have decided that i’m a drupal god. well, i’m completely flattered (though, the real deity in the drupal world is certainly still dries). the end result has been getting to meet lots of interesting people and it looks like i’ll be working on lots of very exciting projects moving forward.

i’m pretty excited. i’ve really enjoyed getting involved in the drupal community, there are some outstanding folks involved, and the future is very bright. yay!

James Walker

James Walker (a.k.a. walkah) is an independent developer and hacker. He is a long time Drupal developer, but these days spends more time in Python, Ruby and Javascript.

You can follow him on twitter or github.

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