drupalcon brussels

that was fast, but somehow in the past 72 hours the latest DrupalCon has come and gone here in Brussels. as usual the event was a blast, the venue was great, and as usual it was so good to catch up with all the great drupal people around the world - and to meet some new ones. thanks dries and boris for everything you did to help put it together.

so, i wanted to quickly post my slides from the two "official" talks I gave:

Module development tutorial: pants module - This was arguably the most fun I've had doing a presentation ever. I got some great feedback, and maybe (just maybe) will give at least a version again in the future. grab the PDF.

Files and Multimedia - another take on a talk I've given a couple times now... always a good one. there's always a new idea or two about how media should be handled. grab the PDF.

rumour has it there is video coming as well. stay tuned.