DrupalCon is Coming with lots of OpenID

In just a few days, most of the drupal community will be headed to Washington, DC for DrupalCon. As the conference draws closer, I always get excited to see friends I don’t get to see and share exciting ideas, but this time there is a lot of growing interest and activity around OpenID.

As has become a bit of a tradition, I’ll be giving my 4th OpenID talk. This year, I’m hoping to focus a bit on the exciting new developments from the OpenID community and looking at some of the things being built on top of OpenID (like the OpenID/OAuth hybrid model and the DiSo project).

Also, Chris Messina will be one of the keynote presenters - also talking about online identity. We had Chris on the lullabot podcast this week - be sure to check it out!

Finally, for those of you coming to DC - I’m going to round up interested parties on Saturday for an OpenID code sprint. Hope to see you there!

James Walker

James Walker (a.k.a. walkah) is an independent developer and hacker. He is a long time Drupal developer, but these days spends more time in Python, Ruby and Javascript.

You can follow him on twitter or github.

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