DrupalCon is Coming with lots of OpenID

In just a few days, most of the drupal community will be headed to Washington, DC for DrupalCon. As the conference draws closer, I always get excited to see friends I don’t get to see and share exciting ideas, but this time there is a lot of growing interest and activity around OpenID.

As has become a bit of a tradition, I’ll be giving my 4th OpenID talk. This year, I’m hoping to focus a bit on the exciting new developments from the OpenID community and looking at some of the things being built on top of OpenID (like the OpenID/OAuth hybrid model and the DiSo project).

Also, Chris Messina will be one of the keynote presenters - also talking about online identity. We had Chris on the lullabot podcast this week - be sure to check it out!

Finally, for those of you coming to DC - I’m going to round up interested parties on Saturday for an OpenID code sprint. Hope to see you there!