ecto2 beta goes public

i must say, if you own a mac and do any blogging, or have ever thought about it. i have to highly recommend you give the beta version of ecto2 a try. the best has just gotten better.

i'm amongst the proud and privileged few who were allowed to give this program a try during it's closed beta period, and let me be (not quite) the first to say: it rocks. i mentioned before that i really like the shift to having a "command center" for your various blogs (I especially like this since i now have two "official" blogs) where you can view your recent posts, and then start a new post (much like an email client). this also allows editing more than one post at once. the other really cool new part is the "WYSIAWYG" editing - i joked with Adriaan when i first heard he was working on the feature that it'd be really nice for his "less geeky" users (i.e. those who don't speak fluent HTML), but having used the feature for a couple weeks now, i must admit i prefer it.

so, what are you waiting for? go get it.