ecto2 beta!

so, i woke up this morning to find an email from the amazing Adriaan with instructions on how to download and install the beta version of ecto2. i’ve been looking forward to this since i first read the announcement that it was coming. so, naturally, i’ve spent the last couple minutes downloading and playing around with the beta. my first impression: i love it!

i don’t really maintain a lot of blogs (hell, i don’t even really update this one regularly), but ecto2 might encourage me to maintain more. the “paradigm shift” towards multiple post editing is really nice. rather than launching directly into a new post window, you’re faced with a list of recent posts from your various blogs (of course, other than this one, my list consists of test accounts for various drupal installs :P). you can then easily begin a new post for any of your blogs (and work on a couple at the same time).

overall, i really dig it! oh and it works perfectly with drupal (which is what i’m supposed to be testing ;) )

[this post brought to you by ecto 2.0b4]