emacs on os x

was just cruising through some feeds on a rainy sunday morning when I noticed tim bray’s post on os x on emacs. while probably not the most religious about my emacs usage, I have been using it as my primary editor for development for .. er.. well, as long as I can remember - including everywhere I use os x.

for a long time I was using what Tim refers to as the “Use the Source, Luke!” option… I must say I find –enable-carbon-app to be quite satisfactory. i should probably qualify that I’m not necessarily interested in emacs working like a “mac app”. in fact, i use emacs everywhere because I want it to work like emacs.

my reason for posting, though, is to give a quick nod to the carbon emacs package which I’ve been using on my macs for a few months now. it is bascically the source build, without the build time.. plus some included extensions for convenience. give it a shot.