firefox 0.9

so, since i recently did a thing about my new favorite mail client, so i think it’s only fair that i mention my favorite web browser. as i write this i’m downloading the new 0.9 version, and i must say (based on the 0.9RC) it’s getting harder and harder to even consider using other browsers. here’s a short list of ‘must have’ extensions (at least if you work on the web):

  • web developer has tools and tricks for all your web development needs. html/css validation, cookie viewers, plus lots of tricks for viewing form field names, class/id names, etc - i do much less "viewing source" now.
  • tabbrowser extensions allows you to re-order tabs via drag and drop, and run firefox in 'single window mode' (plus a whole lot of other stuff i don't use as much).
  • bugmenot is my newest 'must have'. whenever you hit a site that requires 'free registration' to continue (e.g. the new york times), you can just right-click and choose 'bug me not' and a window will pop up with a username / password for the site to save you some time. pretty handy

one of the coolest new features for the 0.9 release is that you can now check for new releases from the extensions window, so that you’ve always got the latest and greatest. right on.