Free Software and Open Source Symposium 2007

It's mid-October which means it's nearly time for one of Toronto's best run tech conferences again: Seneca's Free Software and Open Source Symposium happens next week, October 25-26. I had the pleasure of being asked to speak last year, and even managed to get asked back this year. Naturally, I'll be talking about Drupal... twice:

Drupal Hands-on will be a workshop-style crash course in building sites with Drupal. I really dig doing these things, it's amazing how much you can do with Drupal in a few hours.

Drupal under the hood is my "formal" presentation. Essentially, I'm going to give a brief hour-long overview of Drupal's internal architecture and hopefully inspire some hackers in the audience to dive in.

Some might say that alone is reason enough to attend, but if you're not convinced check out the rest of the awesome speakers. I can't say it enough, I think this is a really well done event and there's still room so register now!.

FSOSS 2007