gallery 2 beta 2 (holy hand grenade) released!

Congrats to the full team on another fine release! At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I do wish I had more time to contribute to the gallery project than I do... but lately I've been limited to working on the drupal integration and, of course, using it for my personal photos here. But the good news is, the other folks have been hard at work!


This is the second installment in the Gallery 2 beta cycle. In the past 5 weeks we've made considerable improvements to the product. We're one step closer to having a final product. As with the beta-1 release, we are now providing a well tested upgrade path from here until the final Gallery release. If you're using Gallery 2 Alpha 4 or more recent, you can upgrade without losing any of your data.

go get it now! :)