geektool bloglines notifier

so, i've started using bloglines for my RSS reading lately (again). i must say, it's one of those "web applications" that I actually find enjoyable to use. I'm a netnewswire owner, and like it a lot - but keeping "read" status across machines is pretty critical when you're trying to keep your "finger on the pulse". I already use the mozilla notifier extension in firefox which is great, but only shows when you've got unread stuff.

so, to follow the wild success of my geektool world clock, i've present the geektool bloglines notifier:

simply add a geektool entry of type "shell" with the following command:

echo "bloglines: $(wget -O - -q ""|sed -e 's/|//g')"

obviously replace YOUREMAIL with your bloglines account address.

you'll then have an up-to-date unread count on your desktop - great for knowing how far behind you really are in your RSS reading. One note: to be nice to the good folks at bloglines - update the "refresh" setting to be something more like 600 (every 10 minutes).

kudos for bloglines for a great product and super simple web services.