geektool world clock

while this isn’t directly bryght related, one of the things that we’ve been trying to adjust to is the fact that we span 3 time-zones - which makes coordinating our efforts tricky. i know that adrian bought a couple extra clocks to help himself keep track. i, however, am far too cheap for that, so i half-heartedly checked around for a platform-independent “world clock” tool. after some searching, i discovered a tool in debian called “tzwatch” - which turns out to just be a simple shell script that simply uses date(1). of course! if you set $TZ before calling date, that is the timezone used. after getting over feeling dumb, i threw the following into a little shell script: TZ=Canada/Pacific date +"Vancouver: %I:%M %p %D" TZ=Africa/Johanessburg date +"Africa: %I:%M %p %D"

so, i can now easily see the local time of my coworkers. however, i was reading jonas’ post about geektool and thought “perfect”. so i downloaded and installed geektool on my powerbook, and set it up to use my little “script”. the result looks like this: