got my isight back

mr. purolator man brought back a fixed (or perhaps just replaced) isight for me today. woohoo! so - like a good mac product - it worked as soon as I plugged it in. it's a really fun little gadget.

Cover Bigi downloaded a copy of delicious library a while back, 'cause i had heard some good things about it. well, it didn't take long before i'd scanned in my 25 items for the trial download... what an awesome tool. for those who don't know : delicious library is essentially a library system for your books, movies, music and games. but the coolest part is : if you've got a digital camera, you can actually populate your library by simply scanning barcodes! it's too cool - highly integrated with amazon, so it fetches cover art, descriptions, etc for you. i'd love to keep track of my collections - but would never if i had to type it all in. oh, and they were offering special pricing for macworld ;)

i've also been toying around with evocam - webcam software for the mac. i haven't been totally sold into the $20 price though. it's a good app, but not sure i'm *that* interested in running a webcam.

the only problem with my isight now is i can't seem to actually have a video chat with iChat. :( however, i think it's a firewall issue... i'm just doing too much else at the moment to track it down.