happy firefox 2 day

Firefox 2i just refreshed again and it looks like its official : firefox 2 has been released

truth be known, I've been using firefox 2 for a while (off and on through betas and exclusively since RC1) but i thought i'd wait to post about it so that i didn't overload the mozilla.org servers with my referral traffic. ;)

version 2 is a pretty solid (although arguably subtle) upgrade. performance feels much snappier and the UI update is nice... but my favourite improvements are:

  • tab updates: close buttons on each tab, and the new tab scrolling feature is very handy for those of us with typically 30+ tabs open.
  • built in "session saver": firefox restarts to your last set of tabs - great for those rare crashes.
  • inline spellchecking : makes me look smrt ;)
  • configurable feed subscription handling: since i prefer using external feed readers

looking at that list, i realize what firefox 2 really means is I don't need nearly as many extensions as I used to to get my firefox the way i like it. go get it (or check the full list of changes).