hey drupal planet!

just read that drupal has finally joined the "planet" craze by launching drupal planet, and this little blog made the cut. now, besides just sticking myself into the feed for no good reason, I think there are two really cool things here:

first, as a sign of just how much the community has grown - I had no idea that "drupal planet" was launching today. I'd read talk of such an initiative, but others clearly took the ball and ran. way to go guys!

second (and coolest), from the announcement:

Both, Planet Drupal and Drupal talk, use the improved builtin aggregator module from Drupal HEAD (the upcoming Drupal 4.7), which allows us to aggregate RSS 0.9x, RSS 1.x, RSS 2.0, and Atom feeds. Unlike many other planets, we don't use the popular PlanetPlanet software, but rather Drupal itself in order to "eat our own dogfood".

mmm. dogfood.