holiday loot

it's been a good holiday. in addition to getting some much needed downtime and adding a few pounds around my midsection, i also got quite a few geek toys for christmas. prior to christmas, i made a point of updating my amazon wishlist for those of my non-technical family members (i.e. all of them) who find me difficult to buy for. it turned out to work quite well - although the funny part was none of my family members actually bought things from amazon - they checked out list and wandered off to local bricks and mortar type establishments.

nevertheless, it resulted in an overwhelming amount of toys... here's a quick recap:

  • griffin itrip Griffin iTrip FM Audio Transmitter for 3G Apple iPods - while, ideally i'd prefer to never drive... i do actually spend a fair bit of time in the car, because when i do drive it tends to be a trip to downtown toronto - which is a good 45 minutes away (at least!). this will be excellent to have since, well, most radio stinks.
  • linksys wrt54g "Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router" - i've wanted one of these for a long time. my current wireless setup is only 80211.b - which means i miss out on a lot of speed for my powerbook. also, i've been dying to hack the linux
  • apple isight Apple iSight - oh yeah. you know you want one too.
  • canon eos camera as if that weren't enough... my darling wife heard my subtle hints for a new, smaller, faster digital camera. so, i am now (after some research and exchanging) the *very* proud owner of a canon sd200. first impressions - this is an awesome little camera, and exactly the kind of thing i was looking for - more later.