i hate IE. i hate it a lot.

… on all platforms, all versions. over the past 24 hours, i have wasted waaaay too much time trying to fix and/or work around stupid stupid things that internet explorer does. first off, there is the often-discussed, frequently-worked-around lack of support for transparent PNG images in IE on windows. silly me, in playing designer on sudden thoughts, i made some transparent pngs. they, of course, looked like crap in IE and have since been converted to .gifs :( then, there is the idiotic CSS wonkiness that was breaking the otherwise elegant dropdown menus at sudden thoughts. (yes those menus are straight ul’s - inspired by this article) finally, adrian pointed out that my own site was broken in IE… since i’m not sure when. anyway, i redid the css to use all absolute positioning and IE seems to be happy for the moment. god i wish everyone would just use real browsers.