I'm an evangelist?

I had a great time with my OpenID demo last night at DemoCampToronto13. Thanks to all who attended and for the good feedback I've received so far!

As I was recalling some of the conversations I found myself in last night, though, I realized - at some point I became a tech evangelist. The one conversation that stuck out in my mind where I was asked "So, is this sort of evangelism what you do for a living?" To which I responded, "Ha! No!" I mean, I'm a developer, right? I write code.. or, at least, isn't that what I'm supposed to be doing?

It certainly hasn't been conscious (although, perhaps I should pretend that it has), but if I look at some of the Drupal presentations I've given, things like DrupalCampToronto and the Toronto user group, plus some of the OpenID talks I've done lately... it might just be true. Heck, I even like doing it!

walkah, tech evangelist : coming to a conference/camp/etc near you.