i'm a mike doughty fan boy

... and proud of it.

it's recently come to my attention that i have a bit of an addiction. i'm seriously hooked on the tunes, writings, ramblings, etc of mike doughty. if you don't know - he's the dude that used to front soul coughing. not since my early obsession with rush have i done things like this, but lately i've:

  • read every single post on his blog
  • saw him at lee's palace in toronto - bought an autographed copy of rockitty-roll (his solo EP).
  • pre-ordered a copy of his re-release of "Skittish/Rockity Roll" - with a tshirt
  • pre-ordered of his first "official" solo album haughty melodic
  • ordered tickets to see him play the rivoli in Toronto in May.
  • not to mention, i'm in the top 20 for "mike doughty fans" over at audioscrobbler (he's my #2 on my top artists list).

bustin up a starbuxyep. it scares me too. but the worst part, is when i was in paris recently, my brother and i walked by a starbux that had it's front window smashed and the *first* thing i thought was "bustin' up a starbux". but, wait... it gets worse. i actually took this picture and emailed him!! worse, though... i never got a response :( though, i can't blame him. i wouldn't respond to me either.

i'm not totally sure what's gotten into me. perhaps it's too much time alone in the basement. but mike - if you're reading (and I'm *sure* you are) - I'll see you in May and keep on rockin'.