Indoor Playground

I've had a half-finished post for a while now about how much I love Workspace in Vancouver (inspired by sarah's post on the subject), and how much I wish Toronto had a similar space. Well, it turns out I am not alone. Enter, Indoor Playground (via David Crow of course):

Indoor Playground is a next generation workspace based in the downtown core of Toronto. It is a home away from home for the entrepreneur who needs an office space on occasion. It helps to solve the problem of having a place to work when you are on the road or when you just want out of the house. Indoor Playground provides a good-looking and creative space populated by other great people worth meeting. It is the perfect solution for new start-ups and independent innovators who are looking for a professional yet affordable way to scale their business.

I will be watching the progress of the Indoor Playground closely, and hopefully will be a member when they open. Sounds like a great initiative with involvement from some great people. Not to mention it's going to be in an awesome location (Richmond and Spadina).

James Walker

James Walker (a.k.a. walkah) is an independent developer and hacker. He is a long time Drupal developer, but these days spends more time in Python, Ruby and Javascript.

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