Indoor Playground

I've had a half-finished post for a while now about how much I love Workspace in Vancouver (inspired by sarah's post on the subject), and how much I wish Toronto had a similar space. Well, it turns out I am not alone. Enter, Indoor Playground (via David Crow of course):

Indoor Playground is a next generation workspace based in the downtown core of Toronto. It is a home away from home for the entrepreneur who needs an office space on occasion. It helps to solve the problem of having a place to work when you are on the road or when you just want out of the house. Indoor Playground provides a good-looking and creative space populated by other great people worth meeting. It is the perfect solution for new start-ups and independent innovators who are looking for a professional yet affordable way to scale their business.

I will be watching the progress of the Indoor Playground closely, and hopefully will be a member when they open. Sounds like a great initiative with involvement from some great people. Not to mention it's going to be in an awesome location (Richmond and Spadina).