irssi proxy

for a while now, i’ve been on a kick to move toward more graphical computing environments. i no longer use mutt to read my email on a regular basis and i even occasionally use osx finder or gasp nautilus under gnome. one thing i hadn’t addressed yet was irc. i use irc a lot for co-ordinating with others on projects, etc. therefore, i like my irc to be ‘always on’. this has meant using irssi inside gnu screen. for a while, i’ve been contemplating running an irc proxy so i can experiment with other gui irc clients. until i found this:

irssi proxy. this allows my currently running irssi + screen to simply act as a proxy for other clients. very cool!! so now, i’ve got the best of both worlds.

you also may notice (from the screenshot) that i’m now running fedora core 1 on my main workstation instead of debian. more on that later…