Late Drupal Camp Toronto II recap

As usual, I'm several days late blogging things - but Drupal Camp Toronto II came and went last weekend. I'd say it went off without a hitch - but I'd be lying. I definitely have a new-found (or rediscovered?) admiration for event organizers... it ain't easy. On that note, I'd like to send out a *huge* thank you to those that made it happen, specifically: Phillip Smith, Colan Schwartz, Dan Kurtz and Alan Dixon. Also, big thanks to Substance Communications for coming through with great tshirts in record time - I'll be recommending them to everyone doing tshirts in Toronto!

I also wanted to mention that I've uploaded slides for 3 of my 4 presentations: Welcome and Drupal Overview, OpenID and Intro to Module Development. I also did a semi-impromptu session, Building an event site in an hour which outlined the building of (which was based on the work from the oscms summit site). I've had several inquiries about notes - list of modules, cck and views exports, etc. I'm actually working on a full, longer write-up on that... so stay tuned! :)

Thanks again, everyone! See you all next year (or at a user group meeting soon!).