live from vancouver - land of the beer tower

so, here i am in vancouver meeting with the bryght guys - super bloggers that they are, and i haven't made a single entry (been here since monday). read on for a brief recap.

monday: i arrived hassle free in the early afternoon. roland met me at the airport, it was cold and raining, as it should be in vancouver. i got checked into the hotel, where i later established my mobile office . then we headed to brioche for some yummy food. that was followed with a tour of the prestigious bryght offices, and then off for an early evening.

the beer towertuesday: our first "big day". boris and i had meetings all morning, followed by lunch at a small little place with good hummus (the name escapes me). then back to the office to get not quite enough done to consider it working before dries dropped us a line to let us know he had a free minute, so we went for a long walk - a tourist excursion for us foreigners. when our legs were finally tired, we went to grab some refreshments - and my love of the beer tower is born (more over at my flickr account).

wednesday: we more or less worked all day today. though we did have lunch (and dinner) with the very entertaining andy "termie" smith.

the rest of the week looks to be at least as busy, since tomorrow the civicspace gang gets to town and our big dinner happens friday. i'll try to post a bit more consistently.