lucky friday 13

wow. *that* was close.

nobody else probably noticed - but the machine that this site (along with all my email) is hosted on, spent nearly 12 hours offline. what's worse, is that one of our cars has been in the shop since Monday (with an undiagnosed "engine light" issue) - so I couldn't head downtown to the co-lo facility to check it out myself. so, i had to sit and wait (and sweat)...

happy friday the 13th :(

why was I sweating... well, 'cause I seem to have neglected to backup this little server for ... well... a while. i know, i know... i should know better. and i do. a case of the shoemaker's son, i guess.

anyway, just as i was about to crawl under the bed and spend the rest of the day crying, I saw a blessed ping response from the server. the good folks at eicat (where this box is hosted) were able to restore the machine. no data loss, life is good.

all is well that ends well - and there's a good lesson here: back up your stuff, stupid (BUYSS ?)