Mac OS X from the command line

Dear Apple, I love you, but sometimes you drive me up the wall.

I've been playing around with a little project to set up sandbox drupal sites on a mac mini (more details on that later) ... that's easy stuff, but the annoying part is: I'd like to share directories via Samba which needs system accounts. The trick is, I want to add all of this via a simple little shell script. No problem right? Simple one line call to useradd... right?! Noooooooooo. Not in OS X. No, in OS X this is how you add user accounts from the commandline (which, of course, is under "Porting unix/linux applications"):

# dscl / -create /Users/portingunix
# dscl / -create /Users/portingunix UserShell /bin/bash
# dscl / -create /Users/portingunix RealName "Porting Unix
# dscl / -create /Users/portingunix UniqueID 503
# dscl / -create /Users/portingunix PrimaryGroupID 1000
# dscl / -create /Users/portingunix NFSHomeDirectory /Local/Users/portingunix
# passwd portingunix

I dunno... I think that's just annoying. Perhaps NetInfo has some beauty that I'm just don't understand, but, couldn't Apple at least ship with some standard useradd wrappers or something?