mason jennings

it's been quite a while since I blogged anything that wasn't tech-related. i haven't been good about blogging period. so, consider this an attempt to right some wrongs.

i've realized i have a new singer/songwriter obsession. his name is mason jennings. if you're someone that's spoken to me in the last few weeks, chances are good i've mentioned him, or told you to check out a song, or perhaps quoted a verse or two. the kids and i even have sing-alongs on the couple songs i've learned to play.

i find it interesting that in my collection of some 15,000 mp3s that certain artists are able to bubble to the top like this. while he's not quite mike doughty in terms of play count, my charts will attest to the fact that he's been in heavy rotation.

much to my delight - i discovered that he's actually playing toronto in september - and on a tuesday night (I can actually go!). so, i'm gonna check it out - who's coming?