meet audrey

DCP_1390quite some time ago, i came into the possession of a 3com audrey. for those of you that have never heard of an audrey: audrey is a failed “internet appliance” discontinued by 3com a couple years ago. full specs on audrey can be seen here. the cool part about these gadget, is that they run a stripped down version of qnx - and, as it turns out, they are very hackable.

so, i’ve finally set mine up and gone through these instructions to get a root shell. let the hacking begin!

my first task, is that i wanted to use audrey as a digital photo frame - i.e. have it rotate through a bunch of my digital images (stored on my fileserver). after some digging (and disappointment that many projects seem to have disappeared), i came across this site. after some struggling with it (thanks for your help alex!) i managed to get it working the way i wanted. you can almost see the results in the attached photo.