Net neutrality? Oh Canada!

Dear Canada, you're doing it all wrong!

OK, so I love my adopted nation. I do. But, what's a guy (or gal) got to do to get affordable, unmolested bandwidth in this country?!?

I've written before about the abysmal mobile data situation in this country. Canada has one GSM network - and we pay the price for it.

But, until recently, my internets were safe at home. See, I'm a very happy subscriber of TekSavvy residential DSL: clean, clear, reliable, affordable bandwidth. Well, that's until Canada's copper monopoly decided to start throttling my bandwidth.

People have been talking and blogging about the events. You can follow the events at Free Our Bandwidth and, if you haven't before, read more about net neutrality. It's time for some real change. CRTC, where are you???

Canada, I'm fed up. Oh, and ketchup chips suck too.