netjuke + jinzora

as was made public yesterday on both sites, the netjuke and jinzora projects have decided to merge - to create what I think will be the ultimate in web-based jukebox / music management software.

those of you playing along at home know that I've been involved in the netjuke project for a while now - and there hasn't been much by way of news to report. like several free software projects, we've suffered from lack of resources. basically, the team has consisted of three of us - two of us are always swamped with work, and the other is a full time student. this means, that while we have great ideas and vision of what something like netjuke2 could be - we've spent a long time not really getting as far as we'd like.

in comes jinzora, a project that is making headway much more rapidly. while consisting principally of only two people - they each have far more time to devote to the project - and it shows.

so, I had a brief skype call with Ross Carlson (lead from the jinzora prjoect) yesterday for introductions, etc. and i must say i'm pretty psyched. this should give me a chance to (in my copious spare time) get some of my ideas actually implemented and unleashed on the world. stay tuned :)